Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Packing for Disney

I've read a lot of packing for Disney lists online and some of them are straight up stupid.  It's also hard to find a daily list rather than an entire packing list for a week in Florida.  You gotta find what works best for you but here are our essentials.  A trip the to dollar store is a must for us.

We pack for shorter day trips with a backpack.
  • Baby wipes are a must.  Kids touch anything and everything and need wiped down before eating snacks in line and can be used as napkins, Kleenex etc.
  • Hand Sanitizer - We use the travel size that hangs outside the backpack so I don't have to unzip it each time.
  • First Aid Kit - I'm not one of those paranoid mothers that carries a full kit around but I grabbed a little kit at the dollar store and added chap stick, headache meds for us and kids Tylenol.
    • We also have to carry Epi-Pens and Benedryl because of the kids food allergies.
  • Sunscreen
  • Ponchos - just cheapy ones from the dollar store.  We do Disney all year so this is nice to have, use and throw away.
  • Dollar store glow sticks - SO much cheaper than buying them off the souvenir carts.  Especially if we are staying for a nighttime show these are essential.
  • Thermos Cups or To Go Cup to fill up with Water or Coffee - We fill these up at the water fountains throughout the day.  Any restaurant in the park will give you a cup of ice.  The kids take their water bottles.  We also bring Mio or individual portion powdered drink mixes like Kool Aid or Crystal Lite. We leave the cups empty to get through security without a problem.
  • We have to take our own food into the park due to food allergies.  We've never tried to smuggle in a whole meal from KFC or something but we have never had a problem carrying in sealed water bottles or soft sided coolers filled with food.
If we are doing a full day trip, we also bring our stroller along.  We've found it really easy to take through the park and easy to park for each ride.  The hardest part is usually getting off and on the tram.  Unless there is room in the front cart, the stroller must be folded up so kids have to be guided as well as holding any bags in the stroller and stroller.

We usually pack a second bag in the stroller that includes sweatshirts, blankets and all the extras.  This bag has no meds or wallets etc. in it.  It stays in the stroller while we go on rides.  If it were to get stolen, it would be super annoying but would not have anything we couldn't replace easily.  When we had babies, we kept the extra diapers and extra formula in there.  We carry the backpack everywhere and have all the essentials in there.

We have read so many lists that include card games or activities for kids but my thought is, if they are that bored, we should just go home.  I don't need any more junk to carry.  If we do sit down to watch a parade or wait for a show, we try to schedule them so the kids can eat at that point or they will go through pictures of our day on the camera or phone.

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