Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Make your own ears

The kids saw the cool ear headbands at Disneyland and wanted them.  Instead of shelling out the
$45 between the 3 kids, I found an easy way to make them myself.  I found a super easy tutorial from  Disney's Family Magazine and then changed it a bit.  We used stiff sticky back sheets of felt and sticky backed foam sheets instead of fighting to glue felt.  The ears stand up straight this way too.  I then added a small loop to the center of the girls headbands with a ribbon and hot glue.  They now have a place to slide in their own hair bows in different colors so they can change them with their outfits.  

They came out perfect and took about 15 minutes.  The felt foam sheets are about $1.50 each at Michael's and the headbands came from the dollar store.  $2 was a lot cheaper than souvenir prices.

My next project is going to be making the glow stick ears.

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